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I’ve always been fascinated with the interaction of food and our daily lives. It first started with the experiences that a restaurant visit gives us. How our celebrations and memories in life revolve around food and those with us… I started out wanting to own my own restaurant because of this. Overtime, and after children, this developed into a deeper fascination with how food itself effects our bodies. This is where I started learning about Functional Medicine.

I originally started blogging for Moms and how to focus on self-care based around nutrition and wellness. A year later I started this site to share all of my experiences and knowledge of functional medicine with anyone. Nutrition affects us all. Food is fuel and the result is the extent that our body functions.

Functional Medicine looks at a person as an individual and while “issues” may be common among multiple people, each person’s body will respond to curing those “issues” differently. We’re not all made the same.

My Passion is Your Health – I want to dive deep into what makes you, You, so that we can come up with the best solution for YOU and only You. Some things may take longer to overcome than others, but I will work with you as long as you need me to. Because of this, I only have a few clients at any one given time. If I am booked, you may always turn to my Simply Healthy You courses here: Simply Healthy You.

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  • “I am a mom of two and I tend to have a schedule in which I overlook my personal care in order to take care of everyone else. Lindsey has helped me find the answers and create a plan for a fresh start in my life!”

    Tatiana Thomas
    Tatiana Thomas Bistro Manager - Marriott

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